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The Cuff
Naois stood beside Avichai, who was still bound to a beam near the bed. The two Vyzza snarled at them, preparing to attack. It seemed they were not capable of human speech in their demonic forms. Naois wanted to free Avichai and possibly allow him to escape, but when he reached to untie the rope binding his hands, the female pounced on Naois.
Her claws tore his robe as he tried to fight her off. His sword arm was pinned to his side, making it impossible to use the weapon. She slammed him back against the beam and it broke away. Avichai groaned when Naois and the demon fell on top of him. The sword flew away from Naois, landing several feet away. Naois did his best to keep his weight off Avichai as he reached under him and worked to untie his hands, knowing it to most likely be their only chance.
Claws raked at his back, so he drew out his wings to batter back the Vyzza. Avichai looked up at him, still not completely aware of what was going on. Naois suddenly felt a second set of attack
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The Council
Naois stood before the twelve assembled members of the Council, and Sheltkae. Avichai stood slightly behind him, head bowed. It had taken all morning to arrange the meeting, but they all knew the urgency of the situation. For a Fallen not to complete Purification by the end of his wedding night was concerning for all.
"Your brother says you have been telling of being attacked by a Vyzza on Earth," one Council member said to him. "Is this true?"
"Yes," Naois replied. "I have regained my memory of that night."
"It was a female?" the Council member asked.
Naois nodded. "Yes."
"We had thought Vyzza extinct," Sheltkae went on, "but others have given the same tale. It is very possible that one female remains, and may very well populate Earth with her kind again. Gestation period for Vyzza is only one week, and offspring are sexually mature within two days. It is most likely, Fallen Naois, that you have left with that Vyzza your… child. That is why you have not fully Purified. Married me
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The Errand
A soft summer breeze blew across the city, bringing with it the sounds and smells of an average day. Alone on a bridge over a calm river stood a man. Arik leaned against the rusted railing and stared off into the distance as cars passed behind him. A woman walked past him on the bike lane, talking loudly into her cell phone about her car insurance bill. Arik didn't even hear her. He was too lost in his own thoughts. Memories replayed before him, increasing the pain in his heart. He vividly remembered the events of nearly three weeks before as a lump grew in his throat.
Leo had come back to their apartment looking rather upset. His neat chocolate-brown hair had been disheveled, his chestnut eyes piercing.
"Where were you the other night?" he demanded.
Arik was taken aback. "I told you I was running an errand," he replied calmly. "I had told you the day before that I had something to do."
Leo wasn't looking any more relaxed. "What were you doing?"
"I can't tell you yet."
"Why not?"
"I ju
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The Kiss
Naois sighed as he watched the sunrise. His wings had become slightly more white overnight, and he couldn't wait to flaunt it in his brother's face. Conan had to believe he was Purifying if he saw it for himself.
"Naois!" someone called urgently from behind him, snapping him from his deep thoughts.
It was just in time for him to see a dart full of Killdark shooting for him from across the onyx street. He dropped onto the floor, and felt the dart cut the air as it passed just over the tips of his wings. His gaze jumped to Avichai, kneeling on the bed, one wing stretched out to intercept the dart, the poison of which couldn't harm him. The great white wing flinched slightly at the pain of the contact, before the Pure yanked the dart out and went to the window in three strides.
"Whoever shot that leave now!" he called angrily. "This Fallen is Purifying!" The dart dropped into the dirt below the window. "Get out!"
Naois looked up and waited, thankful that Avichai had been there to warn him
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Freeing the Demon :iconnastashaofbooks:NastashaOfBooks 16 11
Second Chance
Chance rolled out of bed and yawned. His gaze fell on the dog calendar hanging on his wall. He could see the number at the bottom of that day's box; 1,139. Three years, one month, and thirteen days. That was how long he had been alone, without Mack.
On the dresser beside that calendar was a framed picture of a young man with sleek brown hair and bright hazel eyes. Chance walked over to the dresser and lifted the picture from it. He gently brushed off the thin layer of dust that had accumulated since he'd last cleaned two days ago.
For 1,139 days he'd looked at the picture, hoping that the pain would go away, but for 1,139 days it had remained. He couldn't bring himself to get rid of the picture, or to date anyone else. There was a yearning still, a yearning that wouldn't die. He wanted to be with Mack again, and he had ever since they'd parted ways 1,139 days ago. Seven states lay between them now, but for the first time in 1,139 days, Chance was ready for a change of scenery.
He put d
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The Feather
Naois recovered quickly from his brush with death, and Conan continued to reject the idea that his brother had been the victim of an otherworldly demon. He never returned to his brother's room that day, though he sent Ara to bring him lunch and dinner. Naois could hardly bear his frustration. To have his brother completely disregard his story hurt him unfathomably.
Avichai was the only one who seemed to be on his side. The apprentice stayed in the room until Ara informed him that Conan needed his assistance. Naois spent the remainder of the day lying still in bed, allowing the last of the Killdark to be destroyed. It wasn't until dusk that Avichai returned, just after dinner.
"You can stay here tonight," he told the Fallen. "You shouldn't move too much until morning. I'll find somewhere else to sleep."
Naois shook his head. "Here." He moved over to the edge of the bed, his back to the center, and wrapped his wings around himself. "Have the other side."
Avichai surveyed him for a moment
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The Dream
Naois walked the littered streets of the polluted mortal city. His elegant wings had been pulled into his back, a power that all angels possessed so that they might walk Earth inconspicuously. A box of cheap mortal dye colored his hair a chocolate brown, at least until it rained. Angel hair wouldn't hold the dye as a mortal's would. Gone were his white robes, replaced by a leather jacket and jeans that still felt awkward. His normally bare feet were covered by fraying sneakers.
A woman with dark hair walked slowly before him, and he began to pass her without a thought. When she grasped his arm he stopped to find out what she wanted. Her dark eyes caught his gaze and she smiled wickedly.
"Come, let me show you something," she cooed.
Everything inside Naois wanted to fight, wanted to get away from her, but her spell had taken him already. He walked with her down the dark street to a hidden bar. There they sat at the counter, and Naois regained himself slightly.
"Here," the strange woman
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The Fallen
The sun was setting over the far reaches of the realm most mortals thought of as Heaven, though if not for the overwhelming number of white-haired, white-winged, white-clothed angels one would think it were actually Earth. The architecture, however, was clearly not that of modern Earth; every building was built of white marble, with veins of various other precious materials making every wall glimmer.
The onyx streets were nearly empty by that dusk hour. Just within the gates of the realm sat an angel obviously different from the others. His long, flowing hair was black, not white, and the large wings sprawled about him were of that same, cruel color. The white robes that should have covered his body had been replaced by a worn-out pair of mortal jeans. He held his head in his hands, questioning himself over and over about what had happened to him.
"I knew it wasn't wise to let you visit Earth."
Naois lifted his sapphire eyes to see the angel before him. He was like the others; a Pure.
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A Queen's Duty
Second King Coulta was exhausted. Six months after the death of the crown's sworn enemy there were still pockets of unrest around the country that could be traced back to the cruel man's campaign of ancient blood lust. Just that morning a member of the spy network Coulta commanded had returned to court looking as though he'd been tortured, and before Coulta could get any information from him, the young man had collapsed. Coulta had spent the rest of the day mentally contacting the rest of the spies who were scattered about the cities and towns of Phelin, with the aid of enchanted charms they wore, to make sure the rest of them were safe.
He finally got up from the desk in his office and went to his bedroom, magically lighting candles as he entered the room. A groan escaped him as he stretched, then a sigh as he pulled off his boots – he still refused the fancy shoes all the other court gentlemen wore. Old habits died hard, he supposed.
His bedroom door opened, startling him. Queen
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Saga of an Outcast Part I
Saga of an Outcast; Part I
The room was darkening with the setting sun, and the flames from wall-mounted torches danced eerily in the Grand King's office. Grand King Deandre was pacing before the darkening window, his hands clenched in tight fists that swung dangerously as he moved. The torchlight made his tight jaw and scowling brows more frighteningly defined. Second King Shelton stood watching him, fingering his nearly non-existent beard as thoughts moved rapidly through his mind the way they always did. Queens Xiao and Yvona were standing beside each other, hands over their mouths. Yvona was crying.
It was young Prince Evant that all the fuss was over. He stood, arms crossed, as his brown eyes followed his father's movements. No matter what any of them said or did, he was not going to give in. It didn't matter to him that he was still only eleven years old, or that he was attempting to sever tradition. His happiness was what he valued.
Deandre stopped pacing to turn his tall, power
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Poor Relations
The first thing Klin noticed about the house was its sweeping architecture. Even though he had been living in a near-castle all his life, it hadn't been nearly as lovely as the house he and his father were about to move into.
"The house is far too large for me now," the gray-haired owner was telling them as he showed them around. "With all of my children married and my wife gone, I've no use for such a large place."
Klin's father nodded. "My son and I wanted a place that would suit both us and his future family," he explained.
Klin suppressed a snort and scanned the hall they were walking through with emerald eyes.
"Such a fine son will fetch a finer woman," the owner said approvingly.
Klin ignored the comment.
"How, may I ask," the owner questioned of Klin's father, "did you come upon your wealth?"
"Breeding and dealing horses," the other man replied proudly. "Farm horses, carriage horses, riding horses, children's horses, sport horses – whatever you need, I can supply you."
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Vows From Darkness
Chapter One
Coulta waited patiently in the shadows of the small kitchen, blending in easily in his black clothes. The night was edging toward dawn, but he knew his wait would not go on much longer. He'd been watching the house for three days and knew the daily routines of all four of the people who lived there. The first one to awaken would be the slightly older woman with the ugly face. Next would be the large man with the beard. The third would be the man with the limp. And, finally, the fourth member of the house to get out of bed would be the younger, pregnant girl. Everything was planned perfectly, and hopefully it would go perfectly.
Floorboards creaked and Coulta's gray-tinted black eyes shot to the doorway. Silently, he pulled a dagger from his belt, and moments later the ugly woman entered. He was on her instantly, slashing his dagger across her throat before she could know what was happening.
The bearded man arrived in the room as she fell to the floor - much sooner th
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